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I am obsessed with your Smokin Chipotle BBQ sauce with apricot brandy sauce !!!!I I made grilled chicken with pineapple last night.
It was delicious!


Jeanine Dimino Maxwell

Subject Sweet relish
Message Without a doubt.....The BEST sweet relish I have EVER tasted. It was so good that it even made me sit down and write this message. I mean.....Who writes a company about how good their sweet relish is? I gotta say....I never figured I would either....Until I tasted this. My wife and I stopped at Rebec Winery yesterday and bought a jar and brought it home. After tasting it I went online to see where I could find it in any other retail store should it be awhile before I get back out that way. I have to say....It would be worth the trip if the winery was the only place I could find it. Keep up the good work! ( I have a feeling I know what a lot of people are gonna be getting as stocking stuffers this coming Christmas.)


from Northern Virginia

Nam, nam, nam...yummy!


Madison Heights, VA

B.S. Grillin' sauces and relishes are so hot, you'll be "blowing smoke!"  And that's no B. S.


South Korea

Yea......I got a bottle of your Chipotle sauce at Davis Produce yesterday. I told them how amazing your sauces are and I'm excited to see them displayed.


Charleston, SC

I enjoyed meeting you and being able to taste your quality products!! Just moving to this area from KC - its great to find allergy free food that doesn't label you as being 'different' - THANK YOU!!!


Kansas City

I'm so excited that we'll be able to get your yummy products here in Charlottesville! We've already made a good sized dent in the Sweet Zucchini Relish jar. I still can't believe that my son is willingly eating zucchini. ;)

Summerfield Collection


Ooooh yum!! Your stuff is SOOOOO GOOD! My friends LOVE it also!

I've been telling everyone!! I have to hide your stuff from my friends so they dont eat it all! Lol


 Thank you so much for developing this product! It's a challenge when doctors tell you and members of your family "low sodium" and barbecue sauce is the worst for that... Looking forward to grilling with this!


EVERYTHING tastes great. And they were so friendly.



I have many food allergies, including gluten, and am SO excited to be able to enjoy delicious & quality products!!



I was just at the beer and wine festival in Lynchburg and happened to come across these guys. I tasted their zucchini sweet sauce and it's the next thing going on my grill


Appomattox, VA

I was at the Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival  (Nov. 2015) and  tasted the B S Grillin sauces. Was particularly fond of the dip made with the Blazing Pepper Relish. All the sauces and relishes were unique and good tasting. The Zucchini relish was a nice taste treat.



Our good pal and her hubby brought us some of your sauces and we're are now elbowing each other out of the way to get crackers with whipped cream cheese and your blazin pepper relish into our pie holes. LOVE it. We love heat and it's just the right amount with great fresh flavors. You guys rock. ...Hope you'll come to a store here soon. Until then, we'll order via Amazon. Great job!


Asheville, NC

Hey guys! I would love to have you guys as a vendor here ... in Concord, VA. I noticed how allergy friendly you guys are and so many people in our area are allergic to so many chemicals put into sauces and things, I think you'd do well here. ... Love to hear from you!


Concord, VA

Used some of your Kickin Pineapple BBQ Sauce on chicken. So tasty! I do not do spicy/hot but the flavor is so yummy I ate 2 pieces of chicken! It's a repeat tonight!!! 



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